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Making Perfect Venison Sausage at Home

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Making sausage from the season’s hunting bounty has become somewhat of a lost art. With just one deer, you could spend an afternoon making batches of sausage and show off your charcuterie this holiday season by giving your loved ones some lip-smacking homemade game sausage.

Tips for Getting Started

Instead of automatically freezing the meat you get off this year’s buck or deer, hone in on your inner gourmand and create extraordinary sausage. To get started, here are a few tips:

  • Buy the Best Equipment - This theory is preached plenty to you when it comes to the great outdoors, but the same applies to food preservation. Never go with the cheaper products and always make sure you are purchasing quality grinders. Cheaper varieties tend to get clogged on the tougher game meats and you will end up with smeared consistencies rather than a ground form.
  • Flavor Comes from What You Put In (and Keep Out) - Somewhere along the line, sausage got a reputation for being the ideal depository for your “leftovers” after butchering. While it is true that random bits and pieces make their way in, you do not want bloodshot meats or poor-quality cuts. The meat should also be fresh and your herbs and spices of equal quality.
  • Chill the Meat Before Grinding - For a finer consistency, put your meat and grinder in the freezer for 30 to 40 minutes before grinding starts. This will prevent fats from separating as everything heats up during grinding.
  • Test the Meat Before You Case - Before you start stuffing venison sausages, take some of the meat mixture, fry it up and taste it. This gives you the opportunity to identify lacking flavors and add them in before the final product is made.
  • Always be Willing to Learn New Things - Charcuterie (the art of processing and preserving meats) is an art and like any art, it constantly evolves. You need to be willing to learn new techniques, seek out new products and venture into new recipes to become a true venison sausage-making expert.

Do not forget to stock up your pantry with the right blends of spices and herbs as well as grinding products before you go on the next hunt. You can thus ensure that your kitchen is ready for sausage making on your fresh cuts. Pittsburgh Spice Co. has a large variety of sausage spices, including our bologna seasoning for venison, smoke sea salts and other dried herbs. Make sure you check out our inventory of sausage stuffers and stainless steel grinders too.

To prepare for hunting season and gourmet sausage making, browse our inventory or call 1-800-886-4329 to order your butcher-grade products.

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