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Spices have been used in cooking for hundreds of years, and were once among the most valuable and sought-after trade items. Fortunately, those times have changed and while spices are still as popular as ever, they are now widely available and affordable.

At Pittsburgh Spice Company, we have been supplying our spices, seasonings and kitchen equipment to catering and food supply businesses, fanatical foodies and budding cooks since 1967. We are proud of the name we have made for ourselves, and the range of products and equipment we have to offer.

What Sets Pittsburgh Spice Company Apart?

We make it easier than ever to select and order the products you need for your kitchen and your customers. From our 800 spice blend recipes to our sausage kits and vacuum packing machines, we give you everything you need to create premium quality products and recipes. We want to help you win over your customers and keep them coming back for more.

No matter what you plan to cook up, you can be sure we have the right spice blend or seasoning to suit your needs. Whether you are creating brand new recipes from scratch or sticking to a time honored recipe, you’ll find everything you need on our website, or in store. Our fresh and flavorsome spice blends, wide range of butcher equipment, casings and paper/plastic products are all you need to bring your culinary creations together perfectly.

From Our Kitchen to Yours - Exclusive Blends, Special Recipes and a World of Inspiration

Our kitchen is where the magic happens; it’s where we create tantalizing flavors for our own store shelves and exclusively for our customers. Our spice experts can develop proprietary spice and seasoning blends that will set you apart from your competition and really make your name known. Many of our customers are using their own exclusive blends in their recipes. From rubs to marinades, and seasoning kits to secret recipe spice mixes, we give you the freedom to create some truly wondrous and unique flavors. With a huge selection of kitchen equipment, quality casings, containers and range of paper/plastic packaging, you can count on us to serve your food business efficiently and boost your operations and profits.

Create an account with Pittsburgh Spice Company today. You can order online and even track your order from our door to yours. You can contact us on our website too, or call us at 412-288-5036 to find out more.

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