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Homemade Prosciutto

First we salted all of the pork loins with salt using, 3oz salt per 10lbs meat. After the meat is salted, we let the meat sit in covered container for at least 48 hours. After the first 24 hours, we flipped the meat. Finally, when we were ready to start the process we “pre-flushed” the beef bung caps (size 5+) with water. Next, we made a paste with black pepper, cayenne pepper, cracked fennel, pepper paste, and red wine. Before you apply to paste to the meat, rinse as much salt from meat with white wine. After rinsing the meat with wine, stuff each pork loin into the beef bung cap and tie each end with twine. After stuffing the casings, poke with holes to ensure proper drying, poke the casing evenly (This allows for the meat to breath while being within the casing and dry). Once the casings are stuffed and poked with holes, rinse the excess paste that came through the holes off. Using your stuffing horn, stuff each piece into the proper netting. Let the meat hang within the netting for at least 60 to 90 days, in a “cold cellar”. A few things to keep in mind, If you notice a lot a juice in the beef bung cap, flip the meat so the juice is now sitting at the top. Eventually the juice will run back to the bottom, re-coating the meat. Don’t let the meat FREEZE!



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